About us

We at Caustic News believe in telling the stories which are in the interest of our readers as well as the Nation. We love our Chai, Pakoras and Politics. Oh yes! We love Cows, Cricket, Bollywood and Jugaads in that order, for no particular reason. Let’s not forget Sunny Leone and Arnab Goswami! We are an Indian company started by some brilliant minds in the country or so we claim. We all like to think we are the best, don’t we? We might occasionally digress and write about Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, Sushi, Rupert Murdoch or even UFOs. If you were to visit us 20 years from now, you might want to Google those.

To sum it up, we hope to serve you real news, piping hot. We try to keep our stories as objective and incisive as possible. However, we might not be able to refrain ourselves from being a tad sarcastic. After all sarcasm is the spice of life, isn’t it?

It’s not? Oops!!! We have Variety too.