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Comedian Praveen Kumar 23 Jul, 2016 Review ,

Actor Rajinikanth (Photo: IANS)

I saw Kabali FDAS (First Day Afternoon Show) and I was NOT disappointed. But I am really shocked to see so many negative reviews about the movie that too from Thalaivar fans. According to me there are two types of Thalaivar fans. First wants Thalaivar to do what he can do best – entertain with Style, Punchlines, fights etc and second wants to just watch Thalaivar on screen irrespective of what he does, if the storyline is decent enough. I belong to the second category.

According to me there were only 2 flaws in the movie
1. Pace of the movie in the first half
2. Climax could have been better

Having said that, these flaws didn’t bother me because I was seeing Thalaivar on screen in a totally different avatar playing his age almost throughout the entire movie. He fights, he delivers Punchlines but he emotes more, emotes well and emotes almost flawlessly. This time he didn’t have to run around the trees to sing duet with heroines younger than his daughters. He didn’t defy gravity to kick the goons. Isn’t this a welcome change?? Why aren’t we accepting this? I know the reason. It’s the teaser. The teaser gave us wrong hopes. Wrong expectations. They included all the mass scenes(read only mass scenes) of the movie. So we expected the entire movie to be like 150 teasers combined. It wasn’t. So? Are we going to get disappointed for that? Why?

According to me Ranjith didn’t direct Rajinikanth’s movie but Rajinikanth acted in Ranjith’s movie. How many big stars will agree to do such roles? Yes this is not an out and out commercial movie. So?

I would reiterate that this is a welcome move by Thalaivar to have chosen a new director, new way of presenting himself to his fans and a new way of choosing a movie to act. If you still didn’t like the movie it’s your choice but I liked it. I will watch again!

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